Knowlton Parish Community Benefit Fund

The Knowlton Parish Community Benefit Fund (KPCBF) has been created from funding received from two solar farms that have been built in the Parish. The Parishes of Knowlton are Horton, Chalbury, Woodlands and Wimborne St. Giles.

The fund currently has approximately £26,000 (May 2023) under its control and it is anticipated that the fund will receive further payments of about £10,000 each year until 2035.

A Committee has been created to approve and vet applications for funding. The Committee consists of a representative from each of the four parishes within the Knowlton catchment area plus a parish councillor.

All applications that can show that there will be a benefit to part or all of the community of Knowlton Parish will be given sympathetic consideration.

Grants may be given for such things as Village Hall maintenance, Sports Club equipment, Community Events, improvement of the Local Environment, assistance for the Elderly in our Parish, support for Youth activities, Mother and Toddler groups etc. Please note grants cannot be made to religious or political groups.

The above are just a small sample of the types of projects that may be supported by the Committee.

The fund has already supported Horton & Chalbury Village Hall, Woodlands Village Hall, Wimborne St Giles Village Hall, Wimborne St Giles First School Play Area and Relate Counselling for families in the Parish.

If you wish or your organisation wishes to apply for a grant, please complete the application form and send it to the Clerk to the Parish Council by post at 2 North Barn, All Hallows, Wimborne St Giles, BH21 5NJ or by email to

Knowlton Parish Community Benefit Fund